Experience Authentic Peruvian Cuisine at Mayta’s

Maytascomida 043 resizedWe chose the name of our restaurant to honor our Peruvian culture. Mayta Capac was the fourth Inka of the Tahuantinsuyo, a large empire that was destroyed after the Spanish occupation.

An Inka was the equivalent of a King and it was believed that the “Inka” was the son of the Inti (Sun), who was all powerful and omnipotent.

With this cultural influence, we hope to share with you our rich history through the flavors of our traditional cuisine.

One of the World’s Great Cuisines

marca-peru-3Mayta’s Peruvian Restaurant provides a great introduction to one of the world’s great cuisines. Mayta’s world class cuisine always intrigues and never disappoints.

trip-advisor-maytasFor those who have never had the opportunity to explore authentic Peruvian cuisine, there is an adventure to be had. From our authentically prepared dishes to our decadent desserts, Mayta’s Peruvian Restaurant is a true culinary experience.

Our Dining Room is casual, light, and lively. Enjoy your favorite drink or try a traditional Peruvian beverage. Our staff is exceptionally courteous, friendly and very helpful, providing Sarasota a truly unique dining experience.

Located at The Landings / 4854 S. Tamiami Trail / Sarasota, Florida 34231

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